I don’t need to find a million reasons why I love you.Because seeing you explains everything. :”> ♥♥♥
:”> Yeright! ^__^
Don’t be in a relationship if you’re going to act single. :)
Set them free :”>

One day you have to wake-up and realize that nothing lasts forever,
so when it’s done. MOVE ON! ^__^

Yeright! :) ♥

You know you’re inlove when you can’t stop thinking of that person! ♥♥♥

Nice! >:D Sa kaharutan! Yan ang napapala! HAHAHA! >:D LOL

Minsan tanga tanga din! BV ><

:&#8221;&gt; Imissyouguys! :))) :* ♥♥♥
What the butt! :&#8221;&gt; HAHAHAHA! :D


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Ugh! &gt;&lt;
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